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turning audio cassette to cd

Turning audio cassette to a CD sounds easy enough, but one needs a bit of equipment to do so. First of all a good quality cassette deck. Then you need a computer. Third the cable to match two and finally some software to capture the sound and convert it to a suitable format for making a CD. Not the rocket science, but enough to confuse someone who haven’t done this before.

The easiest by far scenario is getting a standalone CD recorder, but it is uneasy, as they are not being made anymore and were only used in the professional audio labs. Consumer grade Cd recorders were once made by Sony, but they only used specially marked “For Audio Only” CD’s and were inconvenient because of that.

The consumer grade digitising usnits that look like Walkmans with USB capasity sound like an easy scenario, but the fact is that being of low quality the sound of their motor can be heard through the audio channel, which is annoying.

We, at the National Video Centre have the professional grade audio equipment and can transfer your audio tapes, LP’s reel to reel tapes and even 78’s in the best of possible quality, creating lossless (wav, flac) and lossy (mp3) files.

Don’t delay, send your enquiry right now using the form below or phone (02) 6251 0088.


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