National Video Centre Canberra. Digitization and archival of AV material.


National Video Centre – Services we offer:

  • Video to DVD and Audio to CD transfers
  • VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, DVCam
  • Umatic, Betacam SP, Betacam, Betamax, Beta, MiniDisc
  • 8mm and 16mm film, slides photos to Video / DVD transfers
  • LP Records, 78’s, Compact Cassettes, Reel to Reel audio
  • “This is your life” photo presentations on DVD
  • CD / DVD Face Printing and Coating
  • CD / DVD Duplication (burning) in quantities
  • CD / DVD Replication (factory pressing)
  •  Broadcast and Consumer Standards Conversion
  •  DVD Authoring, Encoding and Packaging Solutions
  •  Video and Audio Editing
  •  Camera work
  •  Blank Media supplies
  •  Free Delivery in Canberra (conditions apply)
  •  Quick turnaround

No job too small or too big.

Canberra’s CD DVD USB duplication hub. Video to DVD and digital transfers.

National Video Centre specializes in Film and Video transfers to DVD and Digital Files, including internet streaming video, audio tapes, reel to reel audio and records to CD transfers CD/ DVD AAA duplication, face printing and packaging. Events filming Video editing and DVD authoring,”This is your Life” type slide shows for anniversaries and events. We also scan slides. Please phone for a friendly chat to discuss your options and for an obligation-free quote.

Damaged video restoration, insurance claims quotes.

Here at National Video Centre we know how unique and precious are the family videos and we go out of our way to help people to repair and preserve damaged audiovisual materials, as a result of flood, fire, impact or improper handling. NVC is an expert in videotapes repair and restoration field and is happy to give out quotes for insurance claim purposes. Same day service available.We also offer the following services:  Quality AAA grade duplication of CD and DVD’s. Printing on CD/DVD Surface.

Obsolete technology experts – 78 records, reel to reel audio, 8mm and 16mm Film

National Video Centre has been involved in archiving, transfer and preservation of both audio and video from old and obsolete media of the yesteryear into modern archival quality DVD’s and digital files. If you’re concerned about your precious tapes or film degradation, call us for a friendly chat to discuss the available options.

Tapes to digital transfer

Video tapes, be it VHS videos or camcorder tapes deterriorate as time goes by.  National Video Center is the expert in safely transferring your precious home movies from VCR tapes to DVD. We can do those tapes to digital and DVD transfers whether you have tapes with TV programmes you’d like to keep (please note you can only use them for your own enjoyment and archival purposes TV programmes are copyright and cannot be legally uploaded to Youtube, for  example, without the permission). Or the home videos and movies where you are the copyright holder, so there’s no restrictions whatsoever. You can copy the DVD’s and digital files we create as you see fit.

We clean and repair broken video tapes

Before we transfer videos to digital files or DVD we clean and reapir the tapes if necessary. Basic cleaning is done free (except for mould removal) with every job, along with winding backwards and forwards for the video tape integrity. Repair of the video tape done at the very compatitive rate and can include tape splicing, removing the chewed up bits and the complete body/case transfer, where the intact tape is transferred to a new video or audio cassette body. We repair and transfer VHS to DVD, VHS-C, 8mm, miniDV and Betamax at very affordable rates. Then we perform tapes to Digital  transfer. And you get your tapes back, of course.

Quick turnaround and all jobs done in-house. No overseas facilities used.

Have you noticed that some operators are cheap, but take forever to do the job? Have you asked yourself why? The fact is that there are large companies overseas that offer bulk video tape processing at very low rates. But being large and having jobs coming from all around the world the mistakes are inevitable. It is not uncommon to get the wrong videos sent back or someone else’s files or DVD’s when using those overseas facilities. And almost zero chance to get it sorted. And how you are going to replace your precious home videos if the whole parcel sent overseas by Australian agent gets lost or damaged? That’s why we never farm jobs to third parties. All jobs are done in house and your videos never leave our premises (unless we send your job back to you by registered mail using Australia post or Courier – which is safe).

Preserving the videos and uploading them to Cloud.

Our clients often ask how to be safe and not to loose the precious memories, once the transfer is done. Are DVD’s going to last forewer? Probably not. They are getting out of fashion already and after 20 years or so it will be pretty difficult to even find a working DVD player. We always recommend keeping valuable videos in at 3 different forms. One being a physical  DVD or digital files on flash drives. The second place is the hard drive of your computer. And, most importanly the third – an external Cloud storage facility. One can upload the files to Cloud service, like Dropbox, for example and access them anywhere anytime, even in case where the physical copies are not available anymoe, for whatever reason. Plus do not throw your original videos away. Just as a bit of an extra assurance.

Don’t delay, send your enquiry right now using the form below or phone (02) 6251 0088.


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