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  • I’ve heard that videos deterriorate as time goes by, is this true?

    Yes, it is true. But unlike the old film, which fades as time goes by, video tape tends to develop mould, especially in moist affected areas, it’s oxide base starts to come off and a number of other things can happen. It is recommended to transfer your precious video tapes into a digital form, be it a DVD disc or digital files, as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call us to have your videos assessed by a professional. This is a free service.

  • I have an odd large video tape that was given to my father after he was interviewed by a TV channel in 1980’s. Can you retrieve the interview?

    Most likely your tape is an old Betacam or a Umatic format tape, that was used by broadcasters back then. We have well maintained Umatic and Betacam equipment that we use for transfering those old tapes into modern day digital files. Bring your tape in, we will see what we can do about it.

  • My son has pulled out some of the tape from the VHS video of my wedding. I took it away from him, put the tape back in, but the tape is now stuck and we can’t play it anymore. Can you fix it?

    Yes, we fix broken tapes and most likely will be able to fix your video. Please bear in mind though that damaged bits are best to be cut out . We can attempt playing the damaged bit, but you are likely to end up with lines and shaking in that particular segment. Luckily, kids don’t normally destroy the whole tape, pulling out just a couple of metres, which only run for a minute or so.

  • I have an instructional DVD that my boss wanted me to make 150 copies of. I am scared of an idea of burning copies one by one. Can you help? How long does it takes?

    Yes, we can help. By burning 150 copies one by one your burner will likely to fail after a couple of hours. National Video Centre offers cost effective CD and DVD duplication services. We have industrial duplicators that do multiple copies at the same time. We also offer printing of CD and DVD face labels and packaging disks to your requirements. We normally take 2 working days to do the job, but same day service is available for urgent orders. We can offer CD/DVD replication service for runs over 500 units.

  • You mentioned CD and DVD duplication and replication. I’ve heard these words before, but thought it is the same thing. Is there a difference?

    Yes, there is. Duplication is burning recordable CD’s and DVD’s. It is a quick process and we can offer same day or overnight service if required. However, if you have a larger scale project (over 500 disks) and time is not critical, replication is what you should consider. Replication is a factory manufacturing process, when your CD’s or DVD’s are factory pressed already containing your data/video. This process is slower, but more cost effective for larger runs. It usually takes 2-3 weeks.

  • CD’s and DVD’s are getting out of fashion. Wouldn’t I be better off with USB Flash drives or with the online streaming video for my clients?

    USB Flash drive is certainly more advanced, covenient way of giving the information you need to your clients. We can have your logo printed on USB drives and have your data to be prerecorded there. But the cost factor should be compared with the CD/DVD option. CD and DVD’s are likely to stay around for a number of years, being very cost effective. Imagine the cost of printing of 500 copies of 200 pages prospectus. It will be a considerable figure for sure. But at the same time a pdf e-book version can easily fit a single CD Download link is even easier option.  But remember that people appreciate more something physical, like a CD or a DVD they can posess, rather then just a download. Having said that we can also prepare and upload an online streaming video for you. If you do not deal with prospective customers, but, say have a training video you would like to distribute among your employees – certainly, online video is the way to go. Don’t hesitate to give us an obligation-free call to discus the available options and to let us work out a viable strategy for you.

  • I have lots of audio recordings, compact casettes, reel to reel audio and even old 78 records that I would like to save. Can you do that?

    You came to the right place. National Video Centre is the only company in Canberra that can digitize your valued and historically important audio recordings from virtually any old format. We’ve been recommended by the National Film and Sound Archive for that purpose. No job too small or too big for us. We cover jobs from a single casette transfer to the whole departamental AV library. Call National Video Centre on 02-62510088 to discuss all your digitization and preservation needs.

  • Do you recommend Blu-Ray or any other technology to preserve my home videos?

    Technology is changing fast. If you have something really important, it is best to keep it in several digital formats, perhaps even at different locations, moving with the technology. Plus never through your originals out, even if you had them digitized. We recommend to transfer your videos to DVD. Then you have the digital copy you can rip into your computer’s hard drive, have an extra copy on a flash drive and perhaps even upload one into an online cloud service.  Having old videos transferred to Blu-Ray won’t make them HD and won’t increase their quality, it will be exactly the same as on DVD. Just more videos could be fitted onto a disk. Talk to one of our experts to develop your personal viable preservation strategy.

  • I’v been using my mobile phone to capture my children’s school performances on video. Now my phone’s memory is nearly full. Is there a way to put them on a DVD or save them on a flash drive?

    Yes. Here at National Video Centre we deal with such requests on a daily basis. It is posible to save the videos from your telephone onto a flash drive, external hard drive, to your computer or to put together a playable DVD. Please bring your phone in and also all cables that came with it.

  • I have my son’s 21st coming soon and I would like to combine his early photos and videos into some kind of a video presentation, with background music, captions and voice overs. Can you handle that?

    We are the experts in putting “This Is Your Life” type video shows together, be it for the 21st, 50th or any other family event. Please make an appointment and bring all the bits and pieces with you. We can scan slides, photographs and combine them with the videos taken from VHS, DVD’s, digital photo and files and o on. Call us to discuss the options, put together the strategy for the show and will make it exactly the way you want it to be.

  • We would like to put together a slide show for a friend’s funeral. It has to be done very quickly. Can you help?

    We will go out of our way to accomodate your request, making it a priority. Please give us a call to make an urgent appointment.



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