Converting videos to DVD in Canberra

Converting videos to DVD in Canberra, Video to DVD Conversion


Converting video tapes professionally is a good idea. Here at National Video Centre we use the best industry quality video codecs and capturing devices. Video conversion to DVD or digital formats is time consuming. Each tape has to be physically played using the VCR connected to a computer video capture card or a DVD recorder. There’s no other way.  Some videos, especially of VHS type, if fully recorded in a long play mode can run up to 6 hours or more. So, if you have a pile of video cassettes, it will take a while to do the job if you endevour to do it yourself.

We have several VCR’s and computers capable of doing the job, so we can do your pile of tapes in a short while, sometime even overnight, if the job is urgent.

We can do all consumer formats video conversions. VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Mini DV and so on.

Don’t delay – call us on (02) 6251 0088 or send your enquiry to us right now, using the form below:

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