Common Problems transferring Camcorder footage into DVD or digital

Common Problems in Digitizing Camcorder Videos Canberra

sony-gv-d200National Video Centre, (Canberra ACT) has been digitizing camcorder footage for corporate and private customers for years. The most common problem people face when using home-brewed approach to digitizing is format mismatch. Most of the equipment, be in camcorders or dedicated decks, like pictured above, have certain format restrictions. Camcorder footage filmed in NTSC (often the case when rented camcorder was ued while in US, South America or Japan) won’t necessarily play on equipment made for Australian market. Even the very same model camcorder in Japan would be NTSC only, while being PAL only in Australia. It is not practical to purchase a dedicated NTSC unit, if you do not have dozens of tapes to transfer. We have decks here that can play all 8mm footage variations, Video 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 in both PAL and NTSC versions.

Another problem often occuring is mini DV tapes recorded in a different format. Similarly to 8mm footage, Mini DV tapes can be recorded in several formats and in both PAL and NTSC variants. To add confusion, the footage can be recoded in High Definition (HD) quality in either 720 0r 1080 version. Each of these formats may play well on the original equipment it was recorded with, but not necessarily on any other camcorder or deck. For intance, some highly professional decks won’t play MiniDV tapes receorder in long play mode. A deck with maximum resolution of 720 lines, won’t play 1080 lines (Full HD) video and so on.

If you have those “unplayable” video cassettes, do not rush to throw them away. The footage can be recovered and transferred into another, more convenient format in most cases.

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