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CD DVD Transfers Hi8 MiniDV Video 8 Australia

CD and DVD Duplication, Canberra ACT

CD DVD Transfers Hi8 MiniDV Video 8 Australia

Nationanal Video Centre transfers all formats of video and audio into modern-day digital media, be it a CD or a DVD, USB flash drive, Hard Disc or otherwise. We have clients all over Australia and offer a high quality, professtional setrvice to Government, Corporate and private customers. No job is to small or too large for us. Be is a video cassete, perhaps the one in Video 8 format or a miniDV, audio cassette or audio reel, Minidisc or that micro cassette from an old voice recorder or answering machine – we can do it all. Using modern computer equipment for digitising we also maintain a pool of yesteryear’s equipment and can play most formats of both audio and video, including Betacam, Umatic and 8mm film, both sound and silent. National Video Centre’s client come from all states of Australia. Based in Canberra, we have many clients in Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. We always use registered or express mail service to ensure your precious originals and digital masters arrive safely to any state of Australia or overseas.

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